The 3% Movement: A Decade of Difference
In this opening video for The 3% Movement's 10th annual conference, our goal was to celebrate the progress they've made toward bringing equity and diversity to the field of Creative Direction over the last decade, but to do so within the context of contemporaneous social progress. The video replayed each day at the conference - so we wanted something rich enough that a viewer could discover something new with each viewing. Collage, as an artform was invented and largely championed by women, and has served a role in social justice movements since, AND it happened to be a great way to achieve the density needed for a 45 second retrospective. The gratuitous radial wipes are a consistent reflection of 3%'s pie slice logo. In this version, a lot of the photography in the cultural context layer has been removed in this version to comply with editorial licensing. 

With over 3000 source assets to navigate, 10 years of historical time-lining, editorial rights wrangling, and a tight turn-around, Producer Loren Micalizio not only did an epic job on the logistics but provided a constant flow of good ideas throughout. 

Lanre Yusuf our newest collaborator jumped in with his talents and enthusiasm on concepting and styleframe design. 

Dan Cowles, the best ECD ever, helped steer the ship with insight, feedback and support for the project. 

#motiongraphics #collage #photography #3percentconf #feminism #inclusion #creativedirection #adobe #createchange

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